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A compendium of knowledge: hair ampoules - what are they, when to use them and which ones to choose?

A small glass vial is the final step in the fight for beautiful hair. We usually reach for them when we’ve tried absolutely everything and nothing seemed to work. Those small vials are like a care

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10 Important Hair-Related Questions and Answers That Might Surprise You

When it comes to the subject of beauty we frequently appear to be curious about literally everything. Sometimes we behave like a kid who asks too many questions: What, How and Why...

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The History of Hairdressing. Part 1: What Hairstyles Were Found Trendy in Antiquity?

Have you ever wondered how the people living in ancient times used to style their hair and what haircuts were considered as trendy in ancient Egypt? The truth is, we rather don't delve into the

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Hair Anatomy. Part 1: Inner, subcutaneous hair structure

90 in² - it seems to be a small area, yet it constantly occupies our head... literally - after all, this is the exact size of human scalp. The hair bulbs that the scalp houses are the perfect

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Hair oiling at the salon vs. hair oiling at home - differences, effects, reviews

Would you like to apply oils to your hair like a pro? Have you been wondering whether it is better to do it yourself or trust a professional hair stylist? What's the difference between at-home hair

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Natural oils - Best Hair Regeneration Guaranteed

Despite what one may think, it is not just a fashionable trend but a new dimension in terms of hair care. If there was a cosmetic Nobel - the prize would definitely go to natural oils.

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Hairs of the World. Part 6: Oceanian & Australian-style hair care

Are you dreaming of having gorgeous-looking hair? Go to Australia! That’s the very place where you will find all-natural and powerful conditioning ingredients – not found anywhere else in the world.

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Hairs Of The World. Part 4: South American-Style Hair Care

South America is a continent where modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine meet the centuries-old tradition and ancient plants of great powers. The ancient Incas have discovered the beautifying

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Let Your Hair Speak Up, part 7. Curly Hair Care

People who have a head full of curls must remember that such hair type requires special care routine. Curly hair has an uneven structure

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Let Your Hair Speak Up, part 5. Thin Hair Care

Thin hair is the problem touching many women, including celebrities. What should we do when our hairdo is deprived of volume? The best way to deal with thin hair is a special care delivered to the

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Nanoil high porosity
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