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A Hairbreadth Escape from Damage... 5 Levels of Sensitized Hair - The Best Hair Care Guide

Do you feel like your hair is just one step away from damage? It is due to its... sensitization. As long as sensitivity is welcome in the world of art and emotions, sensitive hair is not desired...

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Hair Anatomy. Part 2 - Hair Shaft Structure

Healthy, luminous hair seems to be an impossible dream for many of you. It turns out that 3 in 5 women don’t know how to perform hair repair which gives desirable effects. How can you keep your

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Hair oiling at the salon vs. hair oiling at home - differences, effects, reviews

Would you like to apply oils to your hair like a pro? Have you been wondering whether it is better to do it yourself or trust a professional hair stylist? What's the difference between at-home hair

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Let Your Hair Speak Up, part 1. Damaged Hair Care

Dry and damaged hair isn’t just an aesthetic problem. Weak hair fiber means e.g. breakage and thinning so it needs professional care. Is it possible to rebuild damaged and over-processed hair? What

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How to use Nanoil hair oil?

The properties of nourishing oils are the most prominent when hair oil treatment is performed on regular basis and accordingly to the specified directions. Correctly applied natural oils perfectly

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Hairology part 3 – PROTEINS & AMINO ACIDS for hair

Proteins make up an extremely important group of ingredients. They are the building block of hair – a sequence of amino acids. Proteins reinforce the resilience of hair and keep hair from quick damage

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Wash Your Hair the Right Way! How Often to Wash & Which Method to Pick?

Washing hair is easy. On the other hand, the way we do it is as important as the cosmetics we use. If we stop following certain rules or we do not even know them, our hair will be dry, dull and

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Spectacular Hair Repair in 7 Steps! How to Enjoy Beautiful Hairdo?

If you dream of beautiful, well-kept and fully regenerated hair, you must change the way you look at hair care once and for all

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Target: healthy hair. How to take care of it?

Every woman dreams of beautiful hair. We grow long hair and then… we often unintentionally harm it. If you want to enjoy long and well-maintained hair, read the following tips.

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Hair oiling for beginners - where did it come from, what is it, why to use it?

The subject of hair oiling as the best method of hair care is very popular. It has been an alternative for many other treatment.

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