COENZYME Q10 - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

COENZYME Q10 - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

It is said to be the one and only elixir of youth to give such amazing effects. We don't need to be worried as long as we are young but its level in the body is depleted when we grow older. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use supplements and products enriched with coenzyme Q10.

What is coenzyme Q10?

A yellow substance occurring naturally in many living organisms. An enzyme, aka ubiquinone, which has numerous benefits for our bodies. It has been thoroughly tested yet it keeps surprising with new possibilities as far as skin care is concerned. Without doubts, coenzyme Q10 is one of the strongest antiaging ingredients. It plays a key role in the proper function of the skin, neutralizes free radicals and accelerates cellular renewal. In other words, it holds back skin aging process.

Coenzyme Q10: properties

  • stimulates cellular energy metabolism
  • ensures proper skin's functioning
  • inhibits oxidation process (fights off oxidative stress)
  • delays skin aging process
  • works great even for sensitive skin
  • is safe, well-absorbed and tolerated by the body
  • provides skin with energy essential for repair
  • speeds up skin healing
  • guards skin from the harmful effect of solar radiation

Coenzyme Q10: effect

Ubiquinone acts as a strong antioxidant, delays skin aging, reduces free radicals. The skin gets damaged more slowly and doesn't age that fast, staying firm, elastic and crease-free longer. CoQ10 keeps wrinkles at bay and smoothes lines that have already appeared on the skin. Coenzyme Q10 also has a repairing effect and promotes production of collagen and elastin - the skin's major supporting fibers. That is why it has an antiaging effect, improves elasticity and appearance of skin, smoothes out whereas its long-term application helps tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles, incl. lines around the eyes. Coenzyme Q10 gently brightens the skin so it looks radiant and healthy. Replenishing CoQ10 is likely to make skin aging process even three times slower.

Coenzyme Q10 for facial skin

Ideally, you should use it in form of an oil-based serum which stabilizes coenzyme Q10 and easily transports substances into the skin. Regular, daily application of CoQ10 leads to increased skin's resilience, a moisture boost, firmer face and neck muscles, elimination of fine lines, reduction of deep furrows and hyperpigmentation.

Coenzyme Q10 for hair

Coenzyme Q10 is a hair saver, strengthening and repairing weak, thin tresses because it activates the production of keratin i.e. a building block of hair. Ideally, your products should be rich in ubiquinone as well as pro-vitamin B5 and natural oils - a perfect nutrient-dense blend which improves hair structure and protects it from damage.

Coenzyme Q10. What to combine it with?

1. Vitamin E

As an antioxidant, coenzyme Q10 has an ability to transform oxidized vitamin E into its biologically-active form. This means it enhances the vitamin and lets it work actively, fighting aging. For this reason, CoQ10 skin products are often infused with vitamin E.

2. Natural oils

Coenzyme Q10 is fat-soluble so it's worthwhile to mix it with natural, organic-certified oils. A perfect blend includes a natural oil rich in vitamin E that CoQ10 can stabilize e.g.

argan oil - natural, organic-certified argan oil is a top-notch skin-conditioning substance which abounds in highly-concentrated vitamin E and numerous complementary ingredients that reinforce the antiaging effect of CoQ10.

avocado oil - a multivitamin bomb, nourishing both skin and hair, and an amazing companion for coenzyme Q10. Nanoil Avocado Oil is the finest-quality natural product, unrefined and cold-pressed, filled up with vitamins: A-B-D-E-H-K-PP.

3. Hyaluronic acid

Coenzyme Q10 protects against loss of hyaluronic acid so delivering them both to skin ensures top-quality skin care. Simply put, ubiquinone makes the acid work better so it moisturizes the skin more intensively. If you are looking for the best facial serum, check it for vitamins C and E, hyaluronic acid and antiaging coenzyme Q10.

4. Vitamin C

Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C have a lot in common, therefore, applying this mixture lets you magnify the antiaging, brightening and illuminating effect so your skin looks youthful and radiant. Both ingredients mean successful everyday skin care. Moreover, similarly to vitamin C, CoQ10 enhances protection from free radicals produced by UV radiation and other unfavorable outside factors (toxins, pollution, smog).

Coenzyme Q10 in women's opinions and reviews

Women swear by the antiaging effect of CoQ10 and it's a common ingredient in moisturizers designed for mature, aging skin. Coenzyme Q10 doesn't work for young skin but you can introduce it into your skin care after turning 25 to start off the antiaging routine. All you need is a quality facial serum featuring CoQ10 and vitamin C which is suitable for skin at all ages.

Coenzyme Q10 - skin care or supplements?

Because CoQ10 is one of few substances whose cosmetic power has been tested and confirmed, it is worthwhile to add it to daily skin care. Properly formulated, e.g. in liposomes, it is able to penetrate deep skin layers, taking best care of the skin.

Coenzyme Q10 supplements bring amazing benefits, mostly health benefits. Ubiquinone is a perfect pick if you've been feeling unwell and fatigued recently, have problems with cardiovascular system, you are a blue-collar worker or senior. What's more, it aids in body repair after a workout so it's great for active people. Natural, rich sources of coenzyme Q10 include meat, spinach, brussel sprouts, oils, fatty fish and wholegrain products.

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