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STEM CELLS - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

Are you aware of the healing power hidden inside your body? Stem cells replace damaged body cells both during an illness and skin repair.

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WHITE TEA - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

Here comes some good news! In a moment you're going to meet the strongest anti-oxidant known to cosmetologists. Undoubtedly, it's worth introducing this organic substance into your daily skin care

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ALOE VERA - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

The diversity of ingredients in aloe vera is unbeatable: over 200 biologically-active substances! There is no plant that would overtake it on a highway to healthy, flawless skin.

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HYALURONIC ACID - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

Hyaluronic acid - another element essential for flawless, young looking skin. A skin care jewel. Sadly, when we grow older, the skin might lose even 50% of the acid.

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Benefits of Herbal Distillates Revealed. Which Herbal Distillate Should You Choose to Improve Skin?

They soothe irritations, help skin regenerate and carry out self-renewal processes properly - this is how herbal distillates work. However, are they powerful enough to take the place of facial toners

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COENZYME Q10 - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

It is said to be the one and only elixir of youth to give such amazing effects. We don't need to be worried as long as we are young but its level in the body is depleted when we grow older.

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A Way of Preserving Youth. How to Perform a Facial Massage?

If done regularly, facial massage offers an alternative to botox - it firms sagging skin, rejuvenates and eases absorption of nourishing substances delivered with a face serum, for example. What are t

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RETINOL - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

Marvelous retinol, the only cosmetic ingredient so effective in antiaging routine. It is both miracle-working and dangerous, attracts women wanting to stop the clock and smooth out wrinkles yet it's n

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VITAMIN C - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

Vitamin C is the queen of body care. Irreplaceable, perfect and foolproof - it belongs to the VIP group of the finest rejuvenating and skin improving substances. Uninterruptedly, it’s one of the most

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Multi-Step Face Cleansing Routine. How to Carry It out at Home?

Do you know how to clean your face? Thoroughly removed make-up is just is half the battle because, apart from beauty products, there are also dozens of other impurities that keep gathering on face dai

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