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Gel Off! How to Repair Damaged Nails after Gel Polish Manicure?

Unfortunately, gel polish mani isn’t unflawed and innocent. You should sometimes press “gel off” button and switch to beneficial nail care since gel leaves nails damaged, making them thinner

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How to Care for Hands? At-Home Oil Manicure, Natural Treatments & Soaks

Your hands are the showcase of your good looks. Your presence and the impression you make depend on how your hands look. Devote them a little more time and test the best ways to enhance them.

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Oil Manicure: Natural Way of Getting Strong and Healthy Fingernails!

Thin, weak or brittle nails seem to be a problem of the many. How to regenerate fingernails and restore their lost beauty? The best idea is to make use oil manicure - a long-known natural method

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The Best Home Treatments to Cure Damaged Nails & Dry Cuticles

Do you know how to care for nails and cuticles so they are smooth, strong and look gorgeous? Why don't you check our round-up of the best home treatments for damaged nails and dry cuticles?

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Nanoil low porosity
Nanoil high porosity
Argan Oil
Avocado Oil
Castor Oil
Jojoba Oil
Macadamia Oil
Almond Oil

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