A compendium of knowledge: hair ampoules - what are they, when to use them and which ones to choose?

A compendium of knowledge: hair ampoules - what are they, when to use them and which ones to choose?

A small glass vial is the final step in the fight for beautiful hair. We usually reach for them when we’ve tried absolutely everything and nothing seemed to work. Those small vials are like a care hit squat: ‘small commandos’ appear when nothing else is able to help with seborrhea, dandruff, excessive hair loss and hindered hair growth. But do hair ampoules actually work? Are they safe? What are they composed of and is there any alternative to such a serious treatment? In this article you will learn everything about hair ampoules, their effects, composition and effectiveness.

Hair ampoules - what are they?

Hair ampoules are small, usually glass vials with active substances. These ingredients fight with hair loss, their weakened condition and hindered growth. The preparations stimulate circulation in the hair follicles and strengthen the hair bulbs. The products reducing hair loss also stimulate nw hairs to grow. The ampoules can be purchased individually as a single-use revitalizing shot (it’s a beautifying ampoule), or as a complete treatment for more serious problems. It usually consists of a dozen or so ampoules.

How do hair ampoules work?

Hair ampoules work in different ways, depending on their role in care. In other words, ampoules that accelerate growth work differently than those regenerating damaged hair and the ampoules which should inhibit hair loss.

Generally, the ampoules nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth at the same time. They contain a number of ingredients that stimulate the metabolism of the hair follicle that build keratin, which is the basic hair protein. The amouples help to strengthen the collagen fibres - they make the hairs better attached to their roots. Our hair after the treatment is more resistant to damage and other adverse external factors.

Types of hair ampoules:

  • Hair ampoules for hair loss - this is a group of ampoules with the biggest array of choice when it comes to their action and ingredients. Those with the strongest substances that help to cure alopecia areata are available in pharmacies. It is advisable to visit a trichologist before the first use because of their strong action. Other, much lighter formulas that deal with seasonal problems hair loss are available in drugstores (their composition is based primarily on vegetable ingredients, such as nettle or horsetail).
  • Hair ampoules stimulating hair growth - a group of products that - depending on their power and price - can be either professional products, their use should be consulted with a specialist, or based on more delicate ingredients that support hair bulbs (they most often contain vegetable and vitamin extracts of red peppers, ginger or pepper); such treatments are less effective, but the ampoules are also much cheaper.
  • Regenerating hair ampoules - these preparations often contain B group vitamins, minerals, essential oils and plant extracts. Their task is to nourish the hair and delicately care for the scalp. This group of ampoules work like a hair mask (something like a banquet facial mask that immediately beautifies the face). Most often, regenerating hair ampoules are used individually to quickly embellish hair and improve its condition before an important night out.
    Regenerating hair ampoules should be used once a year to strengthen the hair (e.g. in hot summer or during the Spring or Autumn Equinox). The ampoules will then be a great remedy for matt, brittle, fragile, unpleasant to touch or extremely dry bands. In case the hair is particularly damaged, the treatment can be used more often.
  • Scalp healing hair ampoules - the scalp itself can also need some help: it may be dry, affcted by dandruff or all kinds of irritation, it may be itching or prone to allergies. The ampoules are able to fight dandruff and excessive scalp drying, including psoriasis and eczema, and SUS (seborrheic dermatitis).

When to reach for hair ampoules?

Hair ampoules are a serious hair treatment recommended only in the case of severe hair weakness or as the intensive regeneration of damaged, extremely weakened, excessively falling out hair. It is not advisable to use them as a substitute for hair masks or conditioners for hair that don’t need such a strong regeneration. It is because the concentration of active ingredients in ampoules is high - sometimes their use may damage the hair instead of help. You should also remember not to use several treatments in ampoules at the same time because their action can be mutually exclusive. The ampoules are a good choice when you notice such symptoms as:

  • sudden, very intense chronic hair loss
  • defluvium, or excessive hair loss
  • inhibited hair growth
  • general weakness and significant deterioration of the appearance of the hair
  • serious problems with the scalp

How to use hair ampoules?

The manufacturer's instructions should always be followed during the application of the ampoules. Most often, however, the instructions are very similar. The vials are used on clean scalp - the preparation is rubbed into it and not rinsed. Thanks to it, the substances contained in the vial have more time to work on your scalp and strengthen the bulbs. It is also important to massage the preparation into the skin. The massage itself stimulates circulation and accelerates the absorption of substances. As a result, hair bulbs become healthier and stronger.

Regenerating ampoules are used in a bit different way: here one ampoule lasts for about two applications and the preparation should be applied to the entire hair surface, rubbing it from the roots to the ends. This way, the ingredients will be better absorbed and will reach every part of the hair making the bands smooth, polished and the hair cuticles closed. Your hair should be rinsed with water after the time specified by the manufacturer.

How often should you use hair ampoules?

Hair ampoules should be treated as a specialist hair treatment so they should be used according to the instructions. Do not use them longer than it’s recommended because it can lead to a complete opposite result than the desired. More professional ampoules often contain hormones and a number of strong substances. Long-term use can have a bad effect on your health. Because of the fact that these products have a very strong action, there should be a break between every treatment.

Which hair ampoules are recommended?

This question is a hard one - every single scalp has different needs, so each hair will react differently to a specific type of ampoules and ingredients contained in them. Before you start using the ampoules, it is always good to visit a specialist or a trichologist. That person will check the condition of your hair and on this basis the type of treatment will be chosen.

Which hair ampoules to choose?

In the first place, you should always take into account the condition of your hair, its needs and the ingredients of the ampoules. What makes good hair ampoules?

Look for those with high-quality active ingredients that are essential for the hair. Consult some expert to find out which ingredients you need the most. Pay attention to the method of application as well - no one wants a product that is difficult to use. Check, therefore, if the preparation can be directly applied to the scalp. Also, it’s important to check if the manufacturer made the application as simple as possible - especially expensive ampoules should be easy to open and use.

You should also make sure that the full package is enough for a full treatment or if you need more of it, and how long you should wait for the desired effects.

What to look in hair ampoules - the most popular ingredients and their action

Hair ampoules - are they effective?

Should you use hair ampoules? More advanced dermocosmetics are thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe and effective. Well-chosen vials, used according to the instruction should help with many serious problems with the hair and scalp.

It is important to reach for hair ampoules only when you really need stronger help - visit a specialist who will advise you on the type of the ampoules. Never use hair ampoules like an ordinary hair mask or hair conditioner. They are much stronger, hence should be used only for serious hair problems.

Poor hair condition is often a warning that something wrong is happening to your body. For this reason, you should try to find out why the condition of your hair deteriorated. Hair loss can be the result of excessive stress, hormonal changes or poorly selected cosmetics. Before you reach for the ampoules, analyze whether such intensive treatment is really needed for your hair.

If not hair ampoules... then what?

As we’ve mentioned, hair ampoules is a serious hair treatment. Ampoules often have a rather controversial, synthetic composition. If you decide to try them, you should be very careful. There are also herbal ampoules available, though they are not suitable for everyone - they don’t work well on bleached or dyed hair.

An excellent alternative to ampoules is hair oiling: it also nourishes and cleanses the scalp, fights dandruff, dryness and seborrhea. Oils contain a number of vitamins, good fatty acids and phytosterols. They regenerate hair and stimulate hair bulbs to work. Properly chosen oil can inhibit hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

If your hair problems are not the result of any serious illnesses or hormonal changes, try a safer alternative - a complete beauty treatment with natural oils.

Masks are also able to strengthen the hair shaft. You just need to intensify your hair care once a week and reach out for one out of the five perfect hair masks by Nanoil: trust the power of professional masks that can be used effortlessly at home. Choose an intensive repair mask rich in keratin or argan oil. You can also try the super-smoothing liquid silk or detoxifying charcoal that boosts hair volume and shine. A hydrating effect is provided by the algae mask.

Where to buy the ampoules?

Professional hair ampoules are more like medicines than cosmetics, which is why they are available mainly in pharmacies or professional hair salons. You can also buy them via the Internet. Before you do it, consult a specialist who could examine the composition of the products you want to buy. It is a good idea to check the reviews of the ampoules beforehand as well.

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