WHITE TEA - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

WHITE TEA - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

Here comes some good news! In a moment you're going to meet the strongest anti-oxidant known to cosmetologists. Undoubtedly, it's worth introducing this organic substance into your daily skin care routine. White tea - because this is the very substance we’re talking about - is a new super ingredient used to improve skin health. What does it mean for your physical appearance? Discover the key extract responsible for reviving and rejuvenating skin. Find out what the properties of white tea are and what form of white tea is the most beneficial to use.

Aging, Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals

We better start form the very beginning by stating that skin ages in two ways: from the inside and outside. Skin ageing is influenced by many factors that among others include solar rays, bad skin care habits, lifestyle and even oxidative stress. The latter is a really serious factor.

As you probably have assumed it correctly by now, oxidative stress has a lot in common with oxygen (Latin oxygenium). Supplying skin cells with oxygen is essential but apart from the "good" oxygen molecules there are also the "bad" ones. Having an unpaired electron, reactive oxygen species ROS - commonly known as free radicals - are responsible for causing oxidative stress which has a negative impact on the cells of your body.

The easiest way to explain this issue is by using the metallic corrosion process as an example. To make a long story short, as oxidation creates the favorable conditions for car rusting, this is exactly how oxidative stress causes resilience lessening and impaired cellular function in skin. In other words, organism starts ageing and in extreme cases it damages body severely. Skin loses its tension, resilience and shine, which consequently leads to wrinkles.

Can White Tea Rejuvenate Skin?

Okay, but what white tea has to do with free radicals? Well, white tea extract contains potent anti-oxidants called catechins. Whereas black and green tea undergo fermentation process that drastically reduces catechin levels, leaves and buds of white tea remain unprocessed. This is how white tea preserves nearly 100% of all catechins so the level of anti-oxidants is higher than when compared to any other tea. And these are the very catechins that are your best allies helping you to combat free radicals ROS.

To use the metaphor with the rusted car again, white tea works like a "rust remover" for skin. It sweeps off free radicals and doesn't allow the reactive oxygen species to wreak havoc in our bodies, yet that's not all. It was also discovered that white tea extract can prevent collagen and elastin breakdown - two key proteins considered as the most essential ones aiding us during the fight for beautiful skin.

White tea is like a power elixir for our body cells. It takes care of skin, reinforces it and fights to keep it look youthful. Additionally, white tea contains more nourishing substances and vitamins than other types of tea. What are the chemical constituents of white tea?

White tea extract INCI: Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Leaf Extract

White Tea in Cosmetology: Chemical Constituents

As mentioned earlier, white tea offers the biggest concentration of anti-oxidants and anti-mutagens than any other substance known. What else can be found in white tea extract?

  • caffeine - detoxifies skin and fights back free radicals
  • vitamin C - the elixir of youth, it highlights face, gives an energy boost and relaxes skin
  • polyphenols - another type of anti-oxidants that deal with free radicals
  • catechins (flavonols) - apart from displaying anti-oxidative effects, they are antiseptic, antiviral and help skin heal up faster
  • saponins - are known for emulsifying fats, removing sebum and maintaining pH levels; also, they combat inflammations
  • amino acids - slow down skin ageing processes on a molecular level

Beauty Products With White Tea: Who Is Recommended to Use Them? What Skin Types Is It Good For?

Since white tea belongs to the exclusive products, it seems to be one of costliest types of tea currently available. Suitable for all skin types, white tea is highly recognized worldwide which is mainly owed to its exceptional beautifying properties.

It soothes, cures, delays ageing, improves appearance and density of skin to such an extent that white tea is eagerly used by both teenagers and the mature. It can't be denied, white tea makes one of the finest skin care products - it positively affects sensitive, allergy-prone, hyper-reactive, couperose, oily, combination and normal skin types. If you want to take the most of white tea, choose only high quality beauty products.

The Best Beauty Products With White Tea: How to Choose the Most Effective Cosmetic?

It was proven that treating skin with white tea extract brings nothing but positive outcomes. This extract is one of the finest forms of aiding skin in carrying out its self-regenerating processes and stimulating youth proteins production. In order to facilitate white tea penetrating deepest skin layers, it should be used together with a cosmetic displaying high level of absorption abilities. Thus, face serum seems to be the perfect carrier for white tea. Its lightweight consistency allows all the constituents to reach the deepest skin layers so they can be remarkably effective in facilitating all processes occurring in skin cells.

Other great beauty products that boost the effects delivered by white tea face serum are a skin toner and herbal distillate. Therefore, once you go for either of the products enriched with white tea extract, you can count on achieving soothed skin with balanced pH levels. Also, such cosmetics make face ready for being exposed to the subsequent stages of skin care routine.

White Tea Face Serum

Morning is the best part of a day to apply white tea face serum - this will make one of the finest forms of helping skin to endure throughout an entire day. Furthermore, owing to being lightweight and fast-absorbed, white tea face serum is perfectly suitable to be used as a makeup base. Additionally, thanks to its ability to provide protection from smog and urban pollution, white tea extract appears to be the best substance that skin living in a big city should be exposed to frequently. Finally, white tea extract can be used regardless of the season.

White Tea in Cosmetology: White Tea's Best Match

Indeed, this is a wonderfully versatile cosmetic constituent that can be not only matched with almost every skin care substance but also it’s able to take skin care to a whole new level. Undoubtedly, white tea is not only incredibly powerful but multi-purpose as well.

If you want to take the most of white tea extract and boost its already incredible powers, you can do it by reaching for a face serum containing the very white tea extract and aloe. This is the unmatched duo that has become a best-seller when it comes to taking care of all skin types at all ages.

Last but not least, white tea is proven to improve the effects of all revitalizing and skin reviving agents. Therefore, it's a good idea to - for your evening beauty ritual - use some beauty products like for example vitamin C face serum, retinol, natural oils and stem cells - this will get you even more stunning face skin.

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