Ampoules vs Natural Oils. Which ones are better for thinning hair?

Ampoules vs Natural Oils. Which ones are better for thinning hair?

Most women and men struggle with the problem of thinning and hair loss. Nowadays, more and more people are complaining about thinning and hair lacking volume due to excessive falling out.

What are the causes? Apart from improper care, hormone imbalance and poor diet, it is so-called oxidative stress that worsens the condition of hair because of air pollution. Few realise that hair has no easy life in the city. Due to fumes, smog and toxins, it stops growing and starts falling out in excess.

Anti-hair loss shampoos or conditioners will fail if we do not use a product that has a direct impact on hair bulbs. These products are:

  • hair ampoules – special treatment affecting hair bulbs and inhibiting hair loss
  • hair oils or special oil blends created for scalp oiling that reinforce hair bulbs, condition and regenerate the scalp, stopping hair loss and stimulating growth
Ampoules vs Natural Oils

Oils and ampoules have different form, consistency and formula. They have a common goal (hindering hair loss, strengthening the bulbs and stimulating growth) yet they work in a completely different way. Analysing the effects delivered by natural oils and ampoules clearly shows the difference.

1. The huge difference lies in the naturalness. Ampoules are created in laboratories and are composed of artificial and (often) controversial substances. On the other hand, oils are all-natural, extracted from the seeds and fruit of plants used in skin and hair care for ages. Natural oils have great repairing and beautifying power. They are the source of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Substances devised in labs will never win the power of natural ingredients.

2. Although hair ampoules nourish hair bulbs, speed up hair growth and stop its loss, (sadly) one must often pay a price. They can irritate your scalp and make your hair dull and coarse. On the contrary, natural oils – apart from affecting bulbs – beautify your hair, protect it from the unfavourable external factors, condition the scalp and control sebum secretion.

3. Another great thing about oils is the use. You can use them without breaks. On the other hand, ampoules – due to a large concentration of strong substances – can be used for a certain period of time (usually, from one to four months). Then, they leave your hair unaided thus it often comes back to its previous condition very quickly. Luckily, you can (even should) include hair oils in your hair care routine for good. They replace lots of conditioners and lotions. Thanks to oils, you present your hairdo with a non-stop repair, protection and beautifying.

4. Last but not least… another important feature is cost-effectiveness. One ampoule (from 5 ml to 15 ml) must be used during one application. You mustn’t store the rest of the ampoule. If you have already used this kind of treatment, you probably know that it is hard to use up the whole ampoule. As a result, you throw out an expensive substance. Oils have a completely different form. The amount you use is up to you and the needs of your hair.

To sum up: Natural oils outclass ampoules in terms of effects, ingredients and efficiency. Using a metaphor: natural oils are masters in the field of hair loss, weakened hair bulbs and irritated scalp whereas ampoules are only beginners.

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