Spectacular Hair Repair in 7 Steps! How to Enjoy Beautiful Hairdo?

Spectacular Hair Repair in 7 Steps! How to Enjoy Beautiful Hairdo?

If you dream of beautiful, well-kept and fully regenerated hair, you must change the way you look at hair care once and for all. You should also pay attention to styling and conditioning products that you use for 'feeding' your hair. If most of your cosmetics contain harmful silicones, parabens and alcohols (alcohol denat or benzyl alcohol), your hair will never be fully nourished and repaired. To start the fight for a healthy and strong hairdo, the change of your ‘hair diet’ is a must. What does it mean? You must make sure your hair gets the maximum ingredients that correspond to hair porosity and structure. At the same time, forget about damaging and comedogenic substances that harm hair and disturb the scalp. Daily hair care routine and hair tools also matter.

The following guide shows how to win the victory in the battle for healthy, long and beautiful hair. Check the step-by-step hair repair program, delivering amazing results!

Spectacular Hair Repair in 7 Steps!


Hair porosity defines the condition and structure of your hair. It is extremely important. You must know your porosity type to choose right hair products. So, you should know if the cuticle scales of your hair:

  • cling to hair stem (low porosity)
  • are slightly raised (medium porosity)
  • are highly raised (high porosity)

A trichologist can test your hair porosity and the condition of your scalp. However, you can learn the porosity at home. Beauty blogs are full of info about porosity and ways to check it.


Natural oils are the unquestioned masters in hair care. They have been used in beauty care for ages. Only oils contain great amounts of all-natural and safe ingredients. They are the source of omega fatty acids, lots of minerals and vitamins that enhance the healthy growth. What is more, you can apply oils to your hair (nourish inside and protect outside) as well as scalp where they can penetrate the bulbs – the most important part responsible for hair condition. When bulbs are weak, your hair is weak. Natural oils can repair and strengthen bulbs so hair grows strong, shiny and looks amazing.

You must think the choice of an oil over and match the oil to your hair porosity. When you oil your hair, feel free to use more than one oil. Try out a proper mixture of several natural oils: they will work more intensively and complement each other, creating an all-natural and powerful hair repair elixir.


Shampoos filled with silicones, parabens and alcohols are good at cleansing hair but fail to provide scalp care. They disrupt the work of sebaceous glands so sooner or later you will struggle with scalp problems (irritation, itching, dryness) leading to slow hair growth and poorer hair condition. Using a delicate and safe kids shampoo is a good solution; it gently cleanses hair and conditions the scalp. While buying hair-care products, you should make sure they are natural and delicate, free from parabens and chemicals, especially if you apply them to the scalp. Nourish the tresses with a strongly-repairing product once a week. Use a detoxifying or revitalizing hair mask. Ideally, pick natural, gentle, synthetic-free products that don't disturb the natural hair life cycle.


Does your brush pull your hair? Do you use a traditional comb? In this way, you trigger frizz and static, break and pull out your hair. Meanwhile, brushing can be a ritual providing extra care and scalp massage. An iconic tangle teezer is an example of a good brush. It allows for detangling your hair without breakage and damage. Flexible, plastic teeth massage your scalp. A wooden comb is another great idea, preferably with wide teeth. It detangles wet strands, massages the scalp and lets you evenly spread a mask, oil or conditioner.


High temperature destroys your hair. That is why you should give up on straightening with a hot flat iron that simply burns hair and breaks bonds inside. What is more, when you blow-dry your hair, remember to control the temperature of the airflow: the lower, the better. You should get yourself a dryer with heat setting button and ionic function that smooths the hair surface and reduces static.


Fancy or tight buns, tamed strands, refined clips help you create an interesting hairstyle yet it is harmful to your hair. They damage the external structure, pull hair and weaken bulbs. Wearing a ponytail regularly can damage your hair so badly that pulled bulbs will start falling out of hair follicles, leading to thinning and hair loss. Try to wear loose updos. Avoid pulling and tearing not to weaken keratin structure and bulbs.

You should also invest and find a good hairdresser who will match a hairstyle to your hair type and structure as well as to your lifestyle. There is no point in going for a hairdo that looks amazing only after you leave the salon but you do not know how to style your hair afterwards or it takes a lot of time. It is extremely troublesome especially in the morning when you are pressed for work and hurry to work.


You must know that sprays, gels, mousses and all styling products contain lots of artificial and strong ingredients that cause stickiness and invade hair structure. If you keep using them, you face up to dull, brittle hair and disturbed sebum glands. You should definitely reach out for styling cosmetics only on special occasions. Buying products based on natural and safe substance and extra conditioning components is a superb idea. Shops with organic products offer a wide range of hairstyling cosmetics that tame and style your hair without damaging hair and disturbing sebaceous glands.

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