Avocado Oil - Multi-Vitamin for Hair & Skin

Avocado Oil - Multi-Vitamin for Hair & Skin

There's a reason why avocado is listed among the so-called superfoods. It is a substance that not only nourishes, but also supports the health of the whole body. The content of vitamins in this green fruit (which is often mistakenly considered as a vegetable) is impressive. Therefore, avocados, in terms of the nutrition facts, can surely compete with sprouts and algae. No wonder that the oil extracted from the seeds and pulp of avocado is considered to be one of the most valuable and prestigious substances. It is suitable for both skin and hair care.

Avocado Oil INCI: Persea Gratissima Oil 

Avocado oil – properties

Only very few substances can challenge avocado in terms of nutritional value. Avocado oil contains beautifying properties at such a high level that it should never be missing from women's bathroom. While shopping for the best avocado oil, be sure that it is cold-pressed and unrefined with a certification confirming its quality. Otherwise, you get oil which doesn't contain any conditioning ingredients.

Avocado oil gives equally splendid effects when you use it separately (its pure form) or in combination with other natural oils which complement each other. A really good balance of natural vegetable oils can be found in Nanoil for high porosity hair. Among them, precious avocado oil takes a prominent place.

In cosmetology, avocado oil has a broad use. It is successfully used as addition to hand creams, body and hair lotions, a component of hair ends serum, anti-wrinkle face and under eye creams. It is a priceless nail-repairing conditioner, brilliant carrier oil for cosmetic clay masks. When used on hair, it gives incredible effect after just one use.

Why is avocado oil worth using?

  • it is easily absorbed in skin and hair
  • penetrates deep layers of epidermis
  • nourishes skin, re-beautifies hair
  • keeps water from evaporating, moisturizes skin
  • strengthens skin's natural protective layer
  • nurtures dry, sensitive (under eyes, on neck) and aging skin
  • keeps hair from falling out and losing moisture
  • has anti-inflammatory and antifungal effect
  • helps treat psoriasis and eczema
  • enhances skin tone
  • alleviates irritations (as after-shave cream)
  • boosts shine and enhances looks of hair

Avocado oil use on skin

The qualities of avocado oil let it fulfil lots of roles in skin care. It doesn't only repair and improve the looks but also has healing effect. Used externally, it is able to smooth wrinkles and slow down skin aging, prevent eczema and psoriasis, fight acne, moisturize and repair even the driest skin. Avocado oil is a flawless summertime cosmetic protecting against the solar radiation. It is a popular ingredient in beauty products, making a perfect match with other oils, and being an amazing component in masks or make-up removing mixtures.

Avocado oil in hair care

When starting adventure with hair oil treatments, most women, ask themselves the basic, yet very important question: avocado oil? Which hair type it is good for?

Due to the concentration of fatty acids of the omega-9 group, it is suitable for hair of medium porosity. However, the high concentration of vitamins and strong antioxidant action make it a great remedy for damaged, lacking vitality and resilience, brittle, high porosity hair. Such strands are devoid of protection and nothing shields them from damage - both physical and chemical. High porosity hair is in need of regeneration like no other type of hair. Therefore, it is best if a set of vitamins is imposed directly to the interior of the strands. Avocado oil brings immediate help to such wisps. It will be like a regenerating vitamin shoot for damaged hair.

How to use avocado oil on hair?

Feel free to apply avocado oil both to hair and scalp (like all natural oils): around five milliliters will do (the longer the hair, the more oil you need). Let the oil sit on hair from 15 minutes (quick mask) to a few hours (in-depth repair). Ideally, mix a few vegetable oils to intensify the repairing effect. Use the oil also as serum for hair ends and to tame flyaways and protect hair while heat-styling - apply from mid-lengths.

Avocado oil – components

What does avocado oil contain, that is so great for regenerating both hair and skin?

First of all, it is the wealth of up to seven vitamins that help to condition, repair and moisturize hair, skin and nails.

  • Vitamin E - also called the vitamin of youth. It is a natural antioxidant that fights free radicals. It provides a range of nutrients to the cells, while inhibiting toxin penetration inside hair.
  • Vitamin C - will take care of firmness and resilience of your hair. It is also responsible for the resilience of your strands, increasing their radiance and slowing ageing processes.
  • Vitamin D - inhibits the process of hair loss.
  • Vitamin F - it is nothing else but a set of fatty acids that inhibit the body's reactions against self-antigens, leaving hair healthy and beautiful.
  • Vitamin K - takes care of the scalp and hair roots, strengthening them and making the hair bulbs more firmly rooted. Avocado oil (as one of very few oils) contains a high concentration of vitamin K.
  • B vitamins - are extremely valuable for our hair, because they accelerate its growth, inhibit its loss and play a key role in cell division. Vitamin B7, often referred to as biotin, is responsible for the accumulation of sulfur particles, wherein a suitable concentration in the follicles contributes to increase in volume and boosts growth. Avocado oil contains a set of B vitamins, so it is extremely important for nourishing hair. It is worth mentioning that these vitamins are exogenous: the human body is unable to produce them itself, therefore they should be continually delivered.

Avocado oil is not only vitamins. It also includes a set of valuable minerals:

  • Iron - supplies oxygen to the cells, so that they can function better
  • Magnesium - precious mineral for hair, it is involved in the production of keratin; thanks to it, hair ends stop splitting
  • Manganese - its absence in the body causes a significant weakening of the hair, splitting ends and growth inhibition 
  • Potassium - strengthens hair bulbs
  • Zinc - accelerates hair growth and inhibits hair loss; this is one of a very few elements that is able to stop hair loss and prevent balding. It has also influence on keratin production.

Green pigment (chlorophyll), that avocado oil has so much of it, is an antioxidant that slows the ageing process of hair and skin, gives a natural face lift and smoothes wrinkles. What's more, avocado oil contains biotin which is a priceless substance for stronger nails, skin and hair.

Avocado oil infographic stating the following: Improves condition of hair, hair are easier to style, tames unruly strands, serum protecting the tips

Avocado oil – effect on skin & hair

Regular application of avocado oil to hair and its use for body and face revitalization, repair of dry brittle nails will surely give desired effects. This oil strongly enhances even extremely dry, rough skin or lifeless hair. Thanks to the oil, your hair will gain moisture and resilience, in other words, it will stop brittling and crumbling, the ends will be secured against splitting and destruction. Avocado oil also ensures that hair follicles will be enhanced and stimulated to work. It delivers essential vitamins to hair matrix and initiates divisions in cells so wisps will no no longer fall out in excess and in consequence hair will stop thinning. Strong and healthy bulbs generate nicer hair, which gains volume and thickness as well as grows more quickly.

Because of the presence of oleic acid, avocado oil contains particles of average size, with semi-penetrating properties. They penetrate hair inner structures and repair from within. At the same time, they are able to create an occlusive, protective layer on the surface. This prevents toxins from getting inside and protects strands from damaging effects of unfavourable weather conditions. Strong sun and frost will no longer pose threat to your hair.

Avocado oil also ensures good thermal protection: it protects your strands from the heat emitted by a blow-dryer, curling wand or straightener. At the same time, avocado oil perfectly conditions hair, therefore it is much easier to style. You can tame even the most unruly, strongly strutting, and dry strands.

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