Maracuja oil – vitamin booster hair stylist 

Maracuja oil – vitamin booster hair stylist 

Maracuja oil is produced from passion fruit. As a result of cold-pressing this fragrant, exotic fruit, we gain oil with beautiful, relaxing scent and unique properties. It has properties that are valuable for everyone who struggle with every undisciplined hair. The product facilitates styling, tames unruly strands and prevents frizz. It contains a set of vitamins that are essential for the health and proper growth of hair. It is worth remembering all its properties and to test its effects on your own hair.

Maracuja oil INCI

Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil

Passiflora is a kind of Brazilian vine. It likes hot and humid climate and is successfully cultivated in all tropical countries, but the biggest producer of maracuja oil is Brazil. For centuries, it has been used by the tribes of Amazonia.

Maracuja oil – properties

Maracuja oil has gained popularity mainly because it has twice more antioxidant potential than argan oil. Therefore, it is successfully used in the care of the body, face (especially the skin under the eyes) and hair. Maracuja oil is irreplaceable in the care of skin capillaries and face affected with rosacea. Contains 75% fatty acids of the omega-6 group, mainly linoleic acid. Therefore, it has large molecules with non-penetrating properties. It will be a perfect protection for hair, taming it and nurturing dehydrated, frizzy ends.

Maracuja oil – fatty acids content:

  • Linoleic acid: about 75%
  • Linolenic acid: 1.5%
  • Oleic acid: 15%
  • Palmitic acid: 10%
  • Stearic acid: about 2%

Maracuja oil is a highly rejuvenating substance. Its main task is to inhibit skin and hair ageing process. It is able to even stop greying of hair.

Maracuja oil in hair care

Maracuja oil regularly used on hair will make it grow faster and it will balance the level of sebum secreted by the scalp.

The ratio of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in this oil is 15/85. Maracuja oil is lightweight, well absorbed, and does not weigh strands down. Although it has large particles ideal for hair with high porosity, it is equally suitable to apply it to hair of low and medium porosity. Maracuja oil is rapidly and well absorbed in the hair, leaving it light and full of vitality at the same time preventing wisps from becoming extremely dry. Due to the wide variety of vitamins and flavonoids, it is irreplaceable in the care of all hair types.

  • Flavonoids have very broad beautifying and healing properties. Their most important function is strong antioxidant action. Flavonoids protect hair and skin from free radicals, delaying hair and bulbs ageing.
  • Vitamin A - is responsible for the regeneration of cells in our body and makes the cycle run smoothly; Vitamin A is also responsible for hair growth and protects it from the harmful effects of adverse weather condition.
  • Vitamin C - is a very powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals and increases the elasticity of hair and at the same time improves its healthy growth.
  • Vitamin K – takes care of both hair roots and scalp, improves their condition; makes bulbs rooted more firmly and thus strands do not fall out in excess. The human body is unable to produce it on its own and therefore must be supplied from outside.
  • Vitamin E - provides antioxidant properties, fights free radicals and is known probably by every woman. Vitamin E is irreplaceable in the fight against signs of ageing.
  • Potassium - prevents hair loss, its deficiency in the body significantly weakens bulbs.
  • Phosphorus - makes hair maintain its vitality and resilience, and additionally supports its growth; lack of phosphorus may result in the appearance of dandruff.
  • Calcium - helps other vitamins in the fight against hair loss; its deficiency results in thinning hair.
Maracuja oil

Maracuja oil in action

Thanks to such a high concentration of a variety of vitamins and flavonoids, maracuja oil is a great treatment for all types of hair. For even better results it is recommended to blend it with other oils suitable for a specific hair porosity.

Maracuja oil is irreplaceable during hair styling - it helps, tame unruly strands, perfectly smooths and provides shine, prevents frizz. What is more, it is well absorbed and does not overburden your strands.

Maracuja oil not only beautifies hair, improving its resilience and vitality. It Also reinforces hair follicles and regulates sebum secretion. People who are struggling with excessive dandruff or seborrhoea should reach for this delicate, aromatic product.

Maracuja oil also protects hair from heat emitted by the blow-dryer or straightener, and also creates an invisible, occlusive layer that protects each strand individually against the damaging effects of sunlight, strong wind, frost and toxins from the environment. People who often stay in rooms filled with cigarette smoke should also reach for this product. It is a real detox for hair and scalp. Maracuja oil has alleviates any irritations and soothes scalp.

Maracuja oil - effects

This oil will:

  • make your hair soft, silky to the touch and full of vitality
  • make the scalp clean and free of irritation
  • make hair roots strengthened
  • make hair grow longer and stop falling out
  • protect strands against damages
  • make hair smooth and tamed
  • make wisps full of radiance
  • make hair easy to comb and just as easily to style

Maracuja oil – how to use it?

Maracuja oil collects opinions as the best hair cosmetic. Because of the fact that it nourishes scalp and strengthens hair roots, it should be applied primarily to the scalp. Thus, the best solution is to choose a blend of maracuja oil combined with other natural oils, which will be suitable for oiling the skin. Remember not to overdo with the amount of oil when applying it to scalp and hair. Small amount goes a long way.

Maracuja oil is also suitable for everyday styling. It nourishes and strengthens strands, as well as provides shine and facilitates styling. Just apply a small amount onto dry or damp wisps from the middle of their length downwards.

Maracuja oil is hardly available in pharmacies. It is best to buy it in stores with natural cosmetics, or find a ready-made product that offers well-composed blend of natural oils. The best oil-based cosmetic is the one that can be used for oiling hair and also the scalp. This provides an in-depth regeneration. It heals and repairs bulbs, as well as beautifies hair. It is completely safe, because such a product is free of parabens, synthetic, comedogenic silicones and monohydric alcohols. One of this type of cosmetics containing maracuja oil is Nanoil – oil for medium porosity hair and Nanoil for low porosity hair. Nutritious, full of vitamins maracuja oil is a component of two versions of Nanoil - no wonder, because this oil is a star among others: it nourishes hair, without overburdening it.

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