Babassu Oil - highest-quality care for low porosity hair

Babassu Oil - highest-quality care for low porosity hair

Babassu Oil

Perfect hair care thanks to nutrients straight from the Brazilian palm. Babassu oil is used in skin and hair care as an emollient. It deeply moisturises, inhibits ageing processes and brings elasticity. It is a natural sunscreen. Thanks to the complex of vitamins, fatty acids and phytosterols, babassu oil regenerates hair and regulates processes in the scalp. As a result, it soothes irritation and reduces dandruff.

Cohune palms can be found in Brazilian rainforests. They reach even up to 20 metres. Their nuts resemble huge cones from a distance. Babassu palm is characteristic for north-east regions of Amazonia but some varieties can be also found in Africa. This is the plant that babassu oil is pressed from.

One nut holds from 2 to 6 seeds that are used for obtaining babassu oil through cold pressing. Although it is a quite exotic product, its price is not very high. Local residents of South America treat babassu seeds as a tasty snack which is calorific because of large content of fat. Mechanically pressed from hard seeds, babassu oil has similar properties to coconut oil.

INCI Babassu Oil:

Orbignya Cohune Seed Oil

Natural unrefined babassu oil is much richer in nutrients that are essential to keep proper condition of hair and skin. Refined babassu oil is also available but it is not a good solution. The refinement process deprives the oil of numerous valuable substances. As a consequence, it works worse than an unrefined babassu oil. If we desire an intensive and deep action for hair, we should definitely reach for natural babassu oil.

Babassu Oil – scent and formula

Babassu oil is extraordinary – it gains an ideal consistency in contact with the skin. It has buttery formula when stored at room temperature. It becomes a velvety fluid after heating up to 24-30°C. When you apply it to skin, it melts and absorbs quickly – far better than e.g. shea butter. The aroma of babassu oil is really faint. It does not have a typical nut aroma and is often called fragrance-free. The colour of babassu oil resembles other plant butters – it is light, with delicate beige note.

Babassu Oil – properties

When it comes to the components, babassu oil and coconut oil are like twins. 90% of babassu oil is made of saturated fatty acids (mostly lauric acid, a bit less myristic acid and scant amount of palmitic, caprylic and stearic acids). The oil also contains omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids enriched with natural antioxidant (vitamin E) and plant sterols that have a beneficial influence on skin and hair. Thanks to all these ingredients, babassu oil has splendid properties. It provides complex care.

We should also mention that babassu oil is extremely resistant to oxidisation and keeps its properties for a long time. It can be used by children, mums-to-be and those who struggle with serious skin problems. Babassu oil is hypoallergenic, therefore it does not trigger irritation yet helps in the treatment.

Babassu Oil in cosmetics – uses

Unrefined babassu oil is non-greasy and instantly absorbed. That is why, it is among the popular ingredients of beauty products. Its physical qualities and low price also play an important role. Babassu oil is most common in moisturising balms, creams and lotions. It works as a base in coloured cosmetics e.g. lipsticks and eyebrow wax.

Even though it is usually included in skin care products, hair cosmetics with babassu oil are getting more and more popular. For instance, it can be found in Nanoil for low porosity hair. Buying high quality pure babassu oil is difficult whereas its use can be troublesome (it must be heated up). It is a far better idea to go for a tried and tested product with babassu oil. We can be sure it is good quality, its amount is ideal whereas the action – enhanced by extra substances.

Babassu oil

Babassu Oil in skin care

Babassu oil is usually mentioned in context of skincare. It is used for massage, daily skincare and sunbathing. It leaves the skin velvety soft and silky smooth. It offers softening as well as hydrating and anti-ageing properties. Natural babassu oil controls level of skin hydration and inhibits the processes of cell ageing. It repairs lipid layer of the skin and shields it from harmful factors. Obviously, it also refers to the scalp.

Babassu Oil in hair care

Babassu oil is more and more often used in the production of haircare products. Applied directly to hair, it smooths the strands and consequently facilitates combing. Silky smooth hairdo is now protected from splitting. Using babassu oil in hair care is worthwhile not only because it delivers elasticity and healthy looks. It also excellently penetrates inside the strands, adds bounce, facilitates styling and reinforces hair from roots to tips. Hair gains volume and thickness as well as stops falling out in excess. We can say that babassu oil keeps our hairdo in shape. The oil is also a natural UV filter, therefore it is common in hairstyling products. The oil shields from high temperature and damaging sunlight e.g. in summer.

Babassu Oil – which hair type?

Choice of oil should be reasonable. Babassu oil contains few unsaturated fatty acids, therefore it will definitely make high porosity hair frizzy. Ingredients of babassu oil make it perfect for low porosity hair – the type of hair that resists styling and needs sun protection. Babassu oil will tame and shield low porosity hair as well as make sure the scalp works in a proper way.

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