Target: healthy hair. How to take care of it?

Target: healthy hair. How to take care of it?

Every woman dreams of beautiful hair. We grow long hair and then… we often unintentionally harm it. If you want to enjoy long and well-maintained hair, read the following tips.

1. Always massage the scalp while washing and detangle your hair before sleeping.

2. Always use hair products that are suitable for your hair type. Don’t buy a conditioner only because your friend has recommended it. Check the ingredients and information on labels.

3. Your hair will be grateful if you replace chemical products (abounding in petroleum derivatives, SLS, SLES) with natural and delicate ones. They are non-comedogenic and don’t disturb processes on the scalp.

4. Try to avoid “bad” alcohols in hair products. They can cause dryness of the scalp and hair, allergic reaction and raise hair cuticles (increase hair porosity). Short-chain, monohydric alcohols are the most damaging: alcohol denat, benzyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol.

5. Avoid sophisticated hairstyles which require backcombing, pulling, tight hairdo. In this way you weaken your hair at the entire length as well as the hair bulbs.

6. Hair dislikes heat. Try to use cool airflow of the dryer. Don’t use flat irons or hot curlers.

7. Determine your hair porosity. It is one of the main criteria that define the condition and health of your hair. The more damaged your hair is, the higher the porosity.

8. Go for natural oils. It is not true that oils overburden or make hair greasy. If you choose a suitable oil (for hair porosity), it can work wonders. Pick natural oils or blends that can be used for oiling the scalp, not only hair.

9. Trim your hair ends every 6-8 weeks to avoid dryness, splitting and damage of ends.

10. Cut down on styling products. Hair sprays, gels and styling gums are very damaging for hair.

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