HAIR ART - a new trend in hair styling

HAIR ART - a new trend in hair styling

Do you think you could change an ordinary hairstyle into a piece of art? Yes, of course! Hair stylists prove that hairdressing can also be a form of art. Check what hair art is and what it looks like.

One of the most important senses for humans is eyesight. We look at something and we either like it or it brings negative emotions. The same applies to art and hairdressing. Not everyone likes the same images, just as not everyone likes the same hairstyle. Combining these two aspects - art and hairdressing - a hair art trend has emerged. What is that?

Art - beauty that's worth showing

Nowadays, we often become works of art ourselves, mainly thanks to the tattooists and the most talented makeup artists and stylists, who turn us into replicas of works of art. The more difficult to reproduce, the better. Today, we can have really beautiful works on the skin, nails and even hair.

The play with color and form, as well as originality surprises. First, we tattooed images on our skin. Not only those that appeared somewhere in culture, but also quite new ones. Nowadays, we can wear works of art on our nails and ... on the hair! Discover hair art.

HAIR ART - a new trend

Hair art. What is it?

The most fashionable hairstyle is the one we like and feel good when wearing it. For some people, the most natural look is sombre hair, and for others, hair dyed more crazy, for example, neon colors.

There is also hair art. A complete novelty in the world of modern hairdressing emerging from the specific framework. One where we can observe passion and artistry.

The trend of hair art reigning in social media is to dye hair to resemble works of art. Making a picture on the hair is a task that requires the right skills, which is why not every hairdresser will be able to create it. Not everyone will enjoy this effect as well, therefore, hair art should not be promoted as a hairstyle suitable for everyone.

Pieces of art on the hair

The trend of hair art was initiated by an American stylist Ursula Goff, who began to place reproductions of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol or Pablo Picasso on her hair and then posted photos on her Instagram profile! Thousands of people from all over the world have fallen in love with her paintings, and today hair art is one of the most popular, unusual trends in hair styling.

One can only wonder whether the work presented by Ursula Goff is just a hairstyle or a new form of art. Nevertheless, the effect is stunning. Her hair art shows the small reproduction of works of art on the hair refined in every detail. She admits that her goal was to recreate certain elements of painting in a very realistic way. It was all about testing a new dyeing technique.

Artistic hair-coloring

However, the works of Ursula don't always present the greatest works of art. Sometimes she reaches for the dye and creates her own art on the hair. This way she is able to reflect her feelings. That's how one of her most famous works was created - a smooth, long fringe in rainbow color, and three butterflies in pink, yellow and blue shade on it. The artist drew inspiration from the shooting in Orlando.

Hair coloring can be used to express yourself, your personality - many women opt for a vivid shade on their hair to emphasize their colorful personality. But hair art is something more than that. Art on the hair is created to manifest and show gain attention to important matters. Sometimes it is only popularizing art, and sometimes there is a longer story behind it.

Other forms of hair art

Of course, what Ursula Goff presented, creating, for example, "Scream" by Edward Munch on the hair, is not the only known form of hair art.

Art on the hair also includes 3D hairstyles, which sometimes take the form of three-dimensional artistic pieces. Beauty can be shown not only through color, but also via form, shape, size. With long hair, you can make really impressive, artistic updos in which you can attach interesting ornaments and unusual items. They also impress with originality, attention to detail, realism, and effectiveness.

Hair art - hair coloring for courageous

This hairdressing trend is definitely more suitable for viewing than wearing. A work of art on the hair will work best for photo models, and an artistic updo will be perfect for the catwalk. If someone were to wear it on a daily basis, the person would have a very colorful personality, be brave and a little eccentric.

You should also know that hair images can only be done on fair hair. In this case, hair-coloring is more noticeable and the shades become more saturated and even more beautiful.

Painting on the hair. How to care for it?

Hair art is a beautiful form of color-treating, which requires special care. If we decide on the image, we need to remember a few important principles in regard to the daily care.

  1. Straightening hair. Although it is destructive to hair, in accordance with this trend, the hair must be straightened. If it curls it will lose the shape, and the effects will not be visible. It is not without reason that hair art is created on the surface of straight hair. It serves as a canvas to paint the picture.
  2. Hair oiling. To protect the hair from the harmful effects of thermal stylization and to ensure the durability of the color, regular hair oiling should be performed. It is worth doing it before each hair wash, and also use the oil to finish the hairstyle - it will add a glow and prevent hair from getting frizzy. Important! Do not reach for oils such as castor, amla or walnut, as they can darken your hair and spoil the effect of hair art.
  3. Hair brushing. The smoother and better-combed hair, the more beautiful the image. Therefore, the hair must be brushed out thoroughly and regularly. Both, the straightening hairbrush or the ionization brush are perfect for this purpose.

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