Christmas & New Year's Eve Hairstyles! Trends, Perfect Routine & Rapid SOS Hair Repair

Christmas & New Year's Eve Hairstyles! Trends, Perfect Routine & Rapid SOS Hair Repair

Angel hair tinsel? Dazzling feminine braids and updos? If you want to surprise everyone with a fab hairdo at Christmas, focus on its condition. We will share some ideas for amazing hairstyles, as well as for quick and effortless ways to upgrade the hair looks no matter the Christmas fiver. You’re going to welcome New Year having stunning, regenerated hair. Ready to shine?

Beautiful hair always equals healthy hair – quick pre-Christmas repair

Hair becomes more demanding in the winter season: minus temperatures followed by heated air inside. Meanwhile, we want it to look its best during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Creating a gorgeous style is often too little to keep hair beautiful. If you want to make your hairstyle last the longest possible and keep your bun, braid or any other style flawless – treat it to a rapid Christmas repair. How to do it?

  • If your hair is extremely damaged and split, don’t believe that there’s something which can bind wrecked hair ends back together. Trimming makes the best choice. In this way, you get rid of extremely dry and split tips, improving the general condition of hair. To keep hair damage away (especially in the area which is mostly exposed to damage) – use a special protective serum for hair ends or rub natural oils in.
  • Healthy hair mostly results from the clean, healthy scalp so use a specially-designed clarifying shampoo (once a week will do) or perform a special scalp exfoliation at home. In this way, you increase blood flow and remove product build-up, sebum and dead skin cells. The treatment also nicely lifts hair roots, adds volume and body, prevents the hat hair look and oiliness. It’s best if you use a scrub before the hair oil treatment – this kind of ‘massive’ therapy will make the particles of oils work more intensively inside hair and on its surface.
  • Hair oil treatment is the fastest way to regenerate and improve the condition of hair. Do it regularly (at least once a week) but if your hair is really damaged – feel free to do it even every other day. The hot oil hair treatment gives the most intensive effects – it should be a fixed point in your hair care schedule. Not only does it protect, repair and regenerate your hair but it’s a fast-working remedy for life-less, over-processed, weak and dull hair. Oil treatment can work as a last resort when everything fails. It’s going to save you when you’re pressed for time and need a quick repairing and beautifying boost. A hair oil which goes with its condition – porosity – makes the best choice.
  • How to bring out shine out of the dullest hair? The trick used by our (great) grandmas turns out to remain unbeatable: after washing and final rinsing, gently rinse your hair using a mixture of water and apple cider or raspberry vinegar. This kind of mixture gives hair shine, softness and bounce. The vinegar additionally keeps pH balance on your scalp and keeps hair from getting extremely greasy under a hat.
How to quickly repair hair?

Christmas & New Year’s Eve hairstyles – latest trends that hairstylists swear by

If you want to dazzle everyone with the glowy look and knowledge of the latest trends – this year’s ideas for Christmas hairdos will definitely appeal to you. During this season, you can put tinsel on a Christmas tree or… in your hair. The technique and style you use are up to you: braid it, put individual dazzle strands in or make thicker, shiny strands looking like hair extensions. There’s just one must-follow rule – keep it dazzling and colorful! This Christmas trend is about the gloss. The shiny chic on your hair won’t vanish right after the New Year’s Eve; it’s going to last throughout the carnival!

However, if you’re not into tinsel in your hair, choose its different version – the tinsel hair color. It has already taken Instagram over and – most of all – stolen women’s hearts. What is this Christmas-style hair dye like? White and pink shades make up the base for the look. Pastel hues are supposed to create fabulous glistening highlights which vary depending on the lightning. Proper application of both dyes lets you get an exceptional slightly-illuminated color.

Respecting the trends, Christmas and New Year’s Eve is going to focus on the gloss and tinsel. If you decide on a luminous glistening and eye-catching hairstyle, make sure your hair is healthy, well-kept and regenerated. When you achieve that, people won’t stop looking at you.

Trendy classics – timeless hairdos for fancy events

  • If you prefer tasteful feminine classic to the extravagant dazzling look, and you wonder which hairstyles make the most stunning choice for the Christmas season – you don’t have to go to a salon for a complicated hairstyle with hundreds of bobby pins. A classic topknot surely goes with every Christmas outfit. It is in a class of its own but if you want to make it more ‘Christmas-like’ - enhance it with a subtle accessory e.g. a pearl pin or a sparkish crystal bun comb.
  • French twist bun is both outstanding and elegant. It is simply flawless: really easy to make and enhancing femininity. All you need to do is sweep your hair to one side, pin it in at the back and then twist your hair up.
  • Another highly-popular hairstyle which makes a really good choice for Christmas is the one using… all kinds of braids. Obviously, you must put them in an interesting untypical look. Hairdressers are big on braids because a braid itself is enough to enhance the feminine face. A bun and a braid make a really good and popular match e.g. a side or front braid plus French bun above the neck.

What are you going to make use of while giving your Christmas hairdo a twist?

Holiday season hairstyles like all kinds of fancy accessories such as bobby pins, clips, combs glistening with crystals or pearls. If your hair is a little bit unruly – remember to use a strong hold hair spray to avoid ruining your look under the hood of your coat (a hat doesn’t seem to make a good choice when it comes to Christmas hairdos).

If your hair remains resistant to shine-boosting and smoothing tricks – reach for a dry hair oil to quickly tame flyaways and additionally enhance hair shine and bounce. A shine-enhancing spray is another good idea – it usually comes in a special atomizer bottle for an effortless application. Feel free to spray it on a complete hairstyle, individual strands or before a styling routine.

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