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How to create SPA session at home? Useful tips & game-changing recipes

Autumn is a pretty depressing season of the year whereas winter evenings tend to drag on... Would you like to make this autumn blues a little bit cheerful? Why don't you create SPA at home?

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Which oil is best to reduce stretch marks? Check out the most effective skin care & ingredients

Any stretch-mark sufferers here? You're not alone! The proneness to stretch marks is a very common problem affecting even 70% of women and (that's interesting) 40% of men.

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Multi-Step Face Cleansing Routine. How to Carry It out at Home?

Do you know how to clean your face? Thoroughly removed make-up is just is half the battle because, apart from beauty products, there are also dozens of other impurities that keep gathering on face dai

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What Makes the Best Under-Eye Cream? Take a Look at Ingredients that Work Wonders

What to use to condition skin under the eyes? Which ingredients really work and give desired effect? You're about to find out what to search for in a quality eye cream

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5 Steps Away From Flawless Skin - The Best Face Care Regimen

Skin care is a challenge that you must face up to if you really want gorgeous healthy skin without flaws. How to do it properly?

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How to Care for Hands? At-Home Oil Manicure, Natural Treatments & Soaks

Your hands are the showcase of your good looks. Your presence and the impression you make depend on how your hands look. Devote them a little more time and test the best ways to enhance them.

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Oil Manicure: Natural Way of Getting Strong and Healthy Fingernails!

Thin, weak or brittle nails seem to be a problem of the many. How to regenerate fingernails and restore their lost beauty? The best idea is to make use oil manicure - a long-known natural method

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The Best Home Treatments to Cure Damaged Nails & Dry Cuticles

Do you know how to care for nails and cuticles so they are smooth, strong and look gorgeous? Why don't you check our round-up of the best home treatments for damaged nails and dry cuticles?

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Bathtime Skin Pampering. Bathing as a Way of Getting an Amazing Body

Although it might sound surprising, bathing is one of the finest methods of making your body skin supple and beautiful. Do you know how to take care of your body during and right after bathing?

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Homemade Body Scrub - The Best Recipe for Silky Smooth Skin [DIY]

You know the best place for starting your total skin makeover? It's your kitchen! Homemade body scrub is the key to enviable silhouette and silky smooth skin.

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Castor Oil
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