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Summer rhythms! The best hairstyles for festivals (and more)

Summer music festivals are a mix of different styles and colors. The ideal hairstyle for a festival should be seemingly careless, enhanced with intense colors and accessories matching the whole

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Hairs of the World. Part 6: Oceanian & Australian-style hair care

Are you dreaming of having gorgeous-looking hair? Go to Australia! That’s the very place where you will find all-natural and powerful conditioning ingredients – not found anywhere else in the world.

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Hairs of the World. Part 5: North American-Style Hair Care  

An anthropological journey in search of beauty and original ways of hair care has led us to North America – that’s where the hair... really has a voice! A characteristic continent full of diversity

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Wonderful Power of the Elements - Water & Hair Care

Normally, we don’t think about the beauty benefits of water. What about you? Do you know the way water affects hair? Check what you owe to the tiny molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrating hair

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Hairs Of The World. Part 4: South American-Style Hair Care

South America is a continent where modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine meet the centuries-old tradition and ancient plants of great powers. The ancient Incas have discovered the beautifying

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Professional Hair Treatments. Which Hair-Conditioning Procedures Are Worth Testing?

Why is a hair appointment the necessary evil for some of us? It is time we dispelled a myth that hairdressers aren’t knowledgeable about hair care. Discover the best repairing, moisturising

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Hairs of the World. Part 3: African-Style Hair Care

What can we learn from women living in Morocco, Egypt or Kenya? Africa is an unusual continent. A characteristic climate means the need for an intensified beauty care. Hair has no easy

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Reconstruction of Hair - Keratin Smoothing Treatment - Full Repair

Keratin is conquering hair salons. What does a keratin hair-smoothing treatment involve? If you’re wondering how to repair your hairdo and have straight hair, check the effects delivered by the

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Hairs of the World. Part 2: European-Style Hair Care

Europe – one of the fastest-developing continents. Hairstyling has its roots there. European women have been setting hair care trends for ages. They strive for the best, cherishing both innovative

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Hair Steaming - Nourishing & Moisturising Treatment. How to Do it at Home?

Winter or sun-damaged, over-processed tresses – hair has no easy life. It longs for regeneration and an in-depth nourishing. Hair steaming can provide it. How does it work? Read on to check the hair

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Nanoil low porosity
Nanoil high porosity
Argan Oil
Avocado Oil
Castor Oil
Jojoba Oil
Macadamia Oil
Almond Oil

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