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Let Your Hair Speak Up, part 3. Greasy Hair Care

Does your hair get oily too fast? A large part of the society is bothered by the problem. Greasy hair doesn’t just look unaesthetic but may also mean some health problems. How to condition oily hair?

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Bun in Different Versions - the Best Hairstyles

A hair bun is an updo that already belongs to the canon of timeless hairstyles. It reigns on catwalks every year. A unique updo sets world trends. It’s important that a bun goes with every outfit

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Let Your Hair Speak Up, part 2. Blonde Hair Care

Blondes belong to the group of women who should attach great importance to their hair care. Naturally fair hair is the most fragile and prone to damage. Consequently, it is the most challenging when

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Hairology part 7 – COSMETIC CLAYS for hair

Natural clays are extremely popular and often used in beauty care. They are the most common as the ingredients of the face and body masks but can be successfully used in hair care. Clay hair benefits

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Let Your Hair Speak Up, part 1. Damaged Hair Care

Dry and damaged hair isn’t just an aesthetic problem. Weak hair fiber means e.g. breakage and thinning so it needs professional care. Is it possible to rebuild damaged and over-processed hair? What

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Hairology part 6 – HERBS & PLANT EXTRACTS for hair

Herbs enjoy a huge popularity in cosmetics. It is nothing surprising because their conditioning, regenerating and even healing power has been known for ages. Herbal hair products often top chemical

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How to use Nanoil hair oil?

The properties of nourishing oils are the most prominent when hair oil treatment is performed on regular basis and accordingly to the specified directions. Correctly applied natural oils perfectly

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Scalp Exfoliation - Unusual Hair Care Method

Beautiful hair is the fruit of full haircare yet the condition of scalp also affects the health of the hairdo. That’s why a scalp scrub is a must. Sadly, it’s often missing in women’s beauty care

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Hairology part 5 – HUMECTANTS for hair

Water is the source of life, including the life of hair. Without water, every hair care routine is going to end up in failure. Without enough hydration, hair is brittle and dry, especially on ends. In

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Hair Fun Facts. Items of information about hair that will surprise you!

Although we have hundreds of thousands of hair on our head, we aren't aware of the load of information each of them carries. What's that you don't know about hair yet? Indeed, there are hundreds of

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